Tennis Coaching

By Nick Brooks

Tennis Coaching Chesham

Nick Brooks Tennis Coaching is proud to offer a variety of tennis coaching options, including mini tennis, adult tennis lessons and individual tennis lessons.

Nick Brooks is a qualified Tennis coach with 12 years coaching experience.

Nick works closely with Chesham 1879 tennis club offering an extensive tennis coaching programme for players of all ages and levels.

Running everything for adults from cardio tennis, to 1st team training drills and rusty rackets.

Not forgetting the kids, we run all mini tennis programs and our newly developed program, ‘Tennis for Teens’.

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Benefits of Tennis Coaching

Psychological Strength

Tennis coaching has many psychological benefits. These include an improved mood, a reduction in stress levels and a great feeling of satisfaction to name just a few benefits.

Tennis Coaching

Tennis coaching can help you improve your skill level, Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed to name just a few. All of these things will help you become a better overall player

Physical Fitness

Tennis coaching is a great activity to help you improve your overall physical fitness levels .It increases aerobic capacities, lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure. Lowers body fat.
Improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility.


What is on offer

Nick Brooks Coaching provides coaching to suit all experience levels and tastes. We strive to ensure there is some coaching for everyone at Chesham 1879, from tots to vets.

For the adults, we are currently running fast fun doubles drills, cardio tennis (with music), team training and Spanish drills to name just a few.

There are plenty of offerings of course for the future generations of tennis. Covering all ages from tots at 3 years old, through the mini ball stages until U18, there is always something available for you.

Let us not forget Junior Night! Proudly hosting one of the most popular Junior Nights in Bucks and Herts with a minimum of 30 children attending for tennis between 5-7pm every Friday night (even through winter). Food is kindly put on by parents to ensure the kids are well fed after a fun night of training.

Here to have fun!

Chesham 1879

Head Tennis Coach

Nick Brooks is the Head Tennis Coach at Chesham 1879. Appointed in November 2019 Nick tasked with helping the club to expand its membership, develop a more comprehensive tennis programme, and improve all aspects of junior and adult tennis participation.

Nick provides not a comprehensive coaching programme for juniors as well as a wide range of adult sessions

Nick is an LTA Level 4 Senior Performance Coach and has many years’ experience at the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy latterly as the Head Academy Coach.

Practice Makes permanent

Real Work.
  Real Results.

what They’re Saying

Student Testimonials

Nick is a fantastic tennis coach….he is patient and knowledgeable and facilitates fun and progressive coaching sessions.

Chloe Spencer

Judging by the number of people seeking him out and from what I see he’s not only a great player but has a great way with all levels, getting the best from them…I just can’t like the back to front hat…which thankfully doesn’t stop him coaching successfully…book him before he’s gone!

Paul Gardner

Great coach with lots of patience ! and very easy to train with, makes clear the technical aspects of the game. whilst also retaining the joy of playing!

Paul Brooks

Coaching Options

Take a look at the different tennis coaching options I have available and find the best one for you! .

Group Coaching

A well as the coaching options above we also offer group coaching on a term by term basis. Please see the links below for full details and pricing.


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