Junior Coaching

Welcome to the Junior Coaching Page where there is something for everyone. We offer various junior coaching sessions every day of the week. Please see below for the offerings coming up in the Summer term.

Tots Tennis

As the first stage of tennis progressions, this phase teaches children between the ages of three and five how to enjoy the game through a series of fun activities with the aim of improving their balance, coordination, agility, movement, and racket and ball skills.

Mini Tennis Red

This is the first stage of tennis where the players from 5-8 are learning serve, rally and score with a slow ball, (sponge/red) as well as learning the movement and co-ordination skills needed for tennis. There are tournaments for this age group if the kids want to continue having fun whilst testing their newly developed skills against other players.

Mini Tennis Orange

The next stage of mini tennis is using an orange ball aimed at players of 8/9 years old. Technical foundations are continually developed, and we now start developing the tactical element of the game on a bigger court, yet not full size and lower net.

Mini Tennis Green

The final stage of mini tennis is with a green ball. This is more pressurised ball closer replicating the yellow ball and the game is now played on a full-size court with a full-height net. This final stage should complete the seamless transition through the mini tennis program to now competing on the full ball court.

Tennis For Teens

We are proud to be launching our new initiative, Tennis 4 Teens, which will be run twice a week.

Our Tennis For Teens coaching is all about getting teenagers involved in playing the game they love.

Tennis for Teens also gives them a great opportunity to socialise with friends or to make new ones.

Giving them the chance to get exercise, meet friends and improve their tennis skills.

Get in touch for more information on our tennis for teens coaching and to see if it’s a good fit for your teen.

Our Junior Tennis Program

If you would prefer private lessons for your child, then please get in touch or check out the information on our private coaching page.


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