The three D’s!

No, it’s probably not what you are thinking, the three D’s are not part of the 5 D’s of DodgeBall – ‘dodge, duck, dip dive and dodge’ the legendary words that Patches O’Houlihan once remarked in the film ‘DodgeBall – A true Underdog Story’. Instead, the 3 D’s are words that if combined, will help you in becoming the best that you can be – in all forms of life. They are; Discipline, Determination and Dedication. Here is how we can relate the three D’s into our tennis development.

What is Discipline and how can we be disciplined?

It is our general organisation of life; how do we structure our days – are our days run by routine or more instantaneously? There are many ways that I believe we can remain disciplined.


  • Getting up on time, going to bed on time, eating & drinking healthy, packing correct equipment, arriving early for training.

What is Dedication and how can we be dedicated?

To be dedicated towards our tennis development, we must be living, eating and sleeping tennis 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We must give 100% effort at all time! We can prove our dedication by following attempting the following.


  • Find ways to develop all performance areas; physical, technical, psychological & tactical.
  • Completing after match tasks; scouting & match reports

What is Determination and how can we be determined?

Determination is the will power to succeed to one of your ultimate goals or achievements no matter what obstacles are in your way. Determination can be achieved by attempting some of the following methods.


  • Setting realistic goals and targets
  • Never giving up on your goals and dreams
  • Through negative times, never lose sight of the bigger picture and what you want out of tennis.

My Training Regime

I have recently started a new training regime in 2014 – (we all like to try and get into shape and start the year off well and get rid of the Christmas binging period. To accomplish this, I had to set myself specific goals that I wanted to achieve by certain points of the year – not just this one month no drinking policy – but for the whole year. My overall aim is to win a match at a Tier 1 British Tour Event. Currently I will not get into these tournaments, so it’s going to be quite a challenge to get in and then win at least a match! I also had to ask myself how I am going to be able to achieve this goal. So to help myself – I went through the three D’s to give myself the best opportunity of success. It is important to note that all the various methods, techniques and strategies I have used will not necessarily be successful for others. They are techniques that I have fine-tuned over years of training and finding ways of getting the best out of my body!

So how have I used the three D’s?


  • I have a regular time slot in the morning when I complete my training
  • I maintain a healthy diet throughout the day
  • I ensure my bags are packed the night before for the entire next day without returning home.


  • I have set out a 1-month plan detailing different exercises to improve my tennis development.
  • I note down results, physical and mental feelings after each training session.


  • I have set myself realistic goals along my path to reach my ultimate goal.
  • I have currently achieved all targets so far and I am up to date with my schedule

We must allow for change!

When we are training, it is almost guaranteed that we will not be able to follow our plan to perfection. Things such as colds, oversleeping or more even going on holidays may all get in the way of our development. As a result, we must be prepared to adjust our schedules or, at the very least, conduct another activity to ensure the training continues on its original path without interruption. I have no doubt that this will happen within my regime; however, I am fully prepared for any such interruptions and so should you be! Have a plan A, but have an even better plan B!

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